negro_pirate (negro_pirate) wrote in thestrangeposse,

I have a ton of very rare emily strange items for sale.
the prices are very fair for these items. if you want more than one thing, i can give you a deal. MAKE OFFERS. you never know if ill be willing or not- im flexible.

I have more too! ill be posting the little things in another post later. or if theres anything youre looking for, ask! i probably have it.

IMPOSSIBLE to find patchwork rag kitty. 2003 great condition.- 85 shipped

Nee Chee rag doll kitty. (2)- 75 shipped each

Nee Chee spider kitty. - 45 shipped

Grey zombie kitty. (2005 comic con). zipper on back of head doesnt stay closed- 65 shipped

black zombie kitty. 2007 comic con. - 45 shipped

HUGE mobile. was a promotional piece. hard to get.- 35 shipped.

Skele-kitty keychain plush- 20 shipped
Emily sitting pillow- 23 shipped
Emily laying pillow- 23 shipped
Sabbath pillow- 23 shipped
Punching bag- 15 shipped
stamps of disapproval stamp set. tried ONCE- 15 shipped
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