jennoli (jennoli) wrote in thestrangeposse,

Selling Emily Strange Wrist cuff

I only take Australian dollars, only through paypal. I post internationally..i only have USD for reference, but i can always check the price in your currency for you. Prices below don't include shipping. Please leave a comment on my lj jennoli. if interested and i'll help you work out the cheapest way to ship it to you possible :]

I try to describe my items accurately by showing a photo. I don't do refunds sorry! I'm also not responsible for whatever happens during shiipping, but i will offer you a registered post option to help you insure your items :)


Emily strange wrist cuff. While I love emily strange, I never really wore this... so I figured it could go somewhere better. Plus, it's in good condition. I got this for 20, but selling for $10 AUSD ($6.50 USD). FREE SHIPPING for wrist cuff .

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